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Guy Phillips was raised in Phoenix, graduated Camelback High in 1977, and moved to Scottsdale in 1992.

His 20 year marriage to his lovely wife Cora includes five children, all educated through the Scottsdale Public School system.

Guy is currently serving his first term on the Scottsdale City Council. He is owner/operator of Budget Mechanical - an A/C & Heating contracting business. He is a member of the BBB, The Heritage Foundation, the NRA, ASBA (Arizona Small Business Association), Parada Del Sol and CEO of A/C & Heating Help, a 501c3 nonprofit.
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Guys interests include rebuilding musclecars and coin collecting. He has also written two books, ROAD GAMES and OF COURAGE & CHARACTER available under his name on Amazon and Kindle.

Political Views: Although Scottsdale is nonpartisan, for full disclosure Guy Phillips is a registered Republican. That being said, in Scottsdale the issues are not Republican or Democrat, but rather maintaining a quality of life we have all grown to love. Guy stands for property owners rights and will defend you against encroachment of irresponsible development. Guy has consistently voted against any tax or rate increases and has fought and defeated two bond elections to raise your property tax. He believes the city council is there for the sole purpose of serving YOU, not self serving special interest groups.

Guys door is always open and you can contact him anytime at guyrphillips@gmail.com or call him at 480-560-6124


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