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Volume 22 September 2012

Ed. Note: Because of special circumstances, the city council, although in recess,
were called to meet for a few pressing items in August.

Adios Mr. Richert, Hello ….?

On August 14th, the City council met to discuss direction on a City Manager Recruitment plan, after last months voluntary departure of current city  manager David Richert.

After a short discussion, mayor Lane moved to table the process until January, after the new council has been seated. Councilman bob Littlefield second the motion which passed 4/2 with Robbins and Milhaven the no vote.

The motion included proceeding with selection of an outsourcing company so that the city will be ready to continue in January.

Consenting Council

On Tuesday, August 21, the council met again only to approve Consent Agenda items. These are items that have been already discussed and are waiting for approval, city contracts approved, liquor license applications and re-applications and other various city business.

Consent agenda items have to be watched closely however, because sometimes staff will add an item that needs more discussion, and can therefore be pulled from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda, but only by city council approval. The 35 consent agenda items passed unanimously.

Flood Waters Rising

August 27th, the council met again to decide on a stormwater and flood control code amendment. This amendment would put Scottsdale in compliance with state and federal mandates, but opponents say it will increase taxes and is a way for developers to pass on costs to homeowners.

The vote to pass was 6/1 with Councilman Littlefield the only no vote, citing that is was about bypassing development standards. Littlefield also made a motion to continue until a better understanding of the ordinance could be brought to the council. His motion died for lack of a second.

Guy Phillips

Volume 21 August 2012

The Scottsdale City Council is on leave from 6/20 to 7/21 - There was still action taking place – ed.

Executive Session

On Tuesday, July 2nd, the city council recessed into an Executive session to review and evaluate the city manager for the next year. While no public is allowed to watch during executive session, the city manager subsequently resigned from his duties. The official response was that Mr. Richert resigned after allegations of conflict of interest with developers and the city.

The following day the City Attorney and Treasurer were also evaluated and given a new contract for next year.

On July 10th, the city council agreed 7/0 to grant David Richert, City Manager,$45,000 to cover any future claims brought forth to the council from Mr. Richert.

This was after Mr. Richert had resigned the week before. The possible claims were not disclosed by the council.

Ice Cream Social

During the Council recess, Mayor Lane announced that he was reviewing an ordinance from 1972 the prohibited mobile vendors, particularly ice cream trucks, from working in Scottsdale.

There have been two subsequent public meetings to garner public opinion on bringing them back. At this time an Az Central poll showed that resident sentiment is running slightly in favor of keeping the ban. The council will be asked to consider lifting the band when they return late August.

Hunting the Preserve

The issue of hunting in the preserve is also gathering attention, and the County Game and Fish Dept will have a meeting at 5000 W. Deer Valley from 8-10 AMAugust 4th to discuss the matter. Stay tuned for further updates on this matter.

Guy Phillips

Volume 20 July 2012

Linda Milhaven's term as vice-Mayor is over, and Dennis Robbins will be the new Vice-Mayor for the next eight months.

The first order of business was to agree to put to a vote a property tax levy that will be voted on at the next city council meeting. This was to allow public comment and to get the language correct before voting on the actual increase.

On June 19th, the city council voted to raise your property tax by a vote of 5/2, with Councilman Littlefield and Councilwoman Borowsky dissenting.

They also voted on the contract for the CVB, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, which oversees tourism for Scottsdale. The mayor and Councilman McCullagh wanted to have the option of deciding where the destination marketing money will go, instead of the CVB. The original contract passed by a vote of 5/2, with Mayor Lane and Councilman McCullagh dissenting.

Next was the vote to extend over $4 million to the Cultural Council which is the agreed amount per contract. This contract passed by a vote of 6/1, with Councilman Littlefield dissenting because of conflicts within the organization and accountability on the part of the Cultural Council.

At the end of the evening the council moved to have a town hall in early fall to start the process for the next General Plan. This new Town Hall will incorporate residents at large, but if you want to attend, you need to submit a form.

Contact the city clerk or email me and I can get you a copy. The form is due by September 19th.

Guy Phillips

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